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Inspired by the name of a Croatian fortress that withstood numerous invasion attempts, the Fortica team builds cybersecurity ramparts for your cloud infrastructures and operations to give you peace of mind.

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By making it easier to protect your cloud, we ensure the continuity of your business by deploying the best cybersecurity strategies for your business.

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Our history

Before Fortica

A little history...

The relationship between Fortica President Samuel Bonneau and computing began with the first computers, a tool he made it his mission to understand from an early age. On electronic bulletin boards, an ancestor of the modern Internet, he hosted data and large numbers of visitors. At age seventeen, he had become the owner of the largest bulletin board in Québec City and one of the biggest in Québec.

At age eighteen, he started a computer design and repair business. Over time, he became a reference when individuals and companies encountered computer problems. While studying computer engineering at university, he managed 600 clients, including 200 companies—a clientele he had built over seven years. He sold his clientele to go gain experience in two large companies and specialize in cybersecurity.


2010 is the year that really marked Fortica’s beginning under the name BSC Service-Conseil. While developing his own clientele, Samuel Bonneau took part in the share ownership of another company before selling his shares in 2013 to fully focus on his own company, which would grow and transform over the next few years.


In 2017, the Fortica project as we know it today got underway. BSC Services-Conseil’s brand image and service offering were reviewed. That’s when Fortica positioned itself as a team of experts in cloud cybersecurity—a promising specialization in the technological future.


In 2021, Fortica has become a key player in carrying out major cloud computing migration projects for the financial and insurance sector, government bodies, and high-tech companies by relying on a team of experts certified in the various cloud platforms. Supported by a seasoned executive committee, Fortica continues to grow in Canada and abroad.

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