The cybersecurity tailored to your organization and industry

Our experts support organizations in the long-term security of their cloud security architecture,
in compliance with regulations specific to each industry,
and transfer knowledge to internal teams.

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Public, parapublic and municipal organizations

To know all your risks on the cloud and address them with sustainable and resilient solutions

Your data security issues are important,
the sensitive information held is voluminous,
strict regulations and your teams’ exposure to the internet or mobility can be concerns.
We support you in unearthing all potential risks, implementing customized solutions for your context,
and, with your teams, implementing a sustainable, resilient cybersecurity for the organization’s cloud security architecture.

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Private companies: financial, insurance, high tech, health, and manufacturing industries

Building a solid foundation on the cloud

We support you in securing data and transactions,
protecting your projects and innovations,
and adapting the organization to sector-specific regulations.
Get ahead of the curve with a cybersecurity policy that is sustainable, resilient, and shared across your teams.

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The security diagnosis : the first step to answering your questions

Diagnosing your security architecture is an added value for your organization

- You know your potential security risks. You have concerns about possible hidden vulnerabilities. Are you looking for what easy, adapted solutions could complement your security architecture?
- Your sector’s regulatory obligations impose requirements
that you want to flawlessly meet. Would you like to know the scope and cost of updates?
- Your customers, suppliers, and partners have special security requirements. Do you want to comply without calling into question your business’s continuity?  

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