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Are you worried about the cybersecurity of your cloud and online services? Or are you worried because of the risks associated with your teams’ mobility?
You can count on Fortica to support you by providing a high-quality diagnosis of existing risks and vulnerabilities and setting up resilient, secure cloud infrastructures.
Get ahead of the curve with us in cloud security.

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What to protect

We figure out what needs to be protected and how to control access to that data in the following ways:
Identifying information that has value and needs to be protected
Identifying and isolating at-risk systems
Identifying key users in the security strategy
Defining, setting up, and activating protective layers

What are your risks?

We assess your security posture and explain the risks in the organization by doing the following:
Identifying threats
Explaining internal weaknesses
Defining the right solutions
Planning resilience
Defining the most appropriate security architecture

Sustainable solution

We deploy solutions that encourage the creation of a security culture that can evolve by promoting the following:
Educating employees about risks
Developing good cybersecurity practices
Adapting your processes to the security policy
Implementing continuous monitoring to ensure that the risk level drops
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Strategic advice

Building a solid foundation on the cloud

So that you are no longer afraid that your cloud infrastructures are at risk of a cyberattack.
By assisting your team in designing a suitable cloud security architecture.
And allowing you to align business goals with your security strategy.
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To be aware of your cloud infrastructure’s security posture

A reliable assessment of your organization’s cloud security posture (CSPA).
To help you to learn about the work and budgets required to move on to the next step.
This will allow you to meet the legal and regulatory requirements that you are subject to.
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Design of cloud infrastructure

To be assisted in creating and deploying your security architecture

You need architects, cloud designers (DevOps), or cloud security experts? No worries.
We have the professionals you need to design your cloud security architecture, plans and specifications.
You will be able to maintain your operations’ agility even as your organization evolves.
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Implementation / Optimization of cloud infrastructure

To strengthen needed cloud security controls

If you have started or are planning a migration to the cloud, we will know how to advise you.
Don’t wait until you have lost control of access to your sensitive data or, worse, have been caught off guard as a result of a cybersecurity incident.
New threats are appearing every day. It is important to keep your systems up to date.
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Transfer of knowledge

To ensure the continuity of your operations

Your team may not have the training needed to secure your infrastructures.
We want you to feel assured that important data will always be secure.
We transfer knowledge, we do operational support and foster your team’s autonomy.
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