Our mission: Defining your cybersecurity strategy to support business development, digital innovation and operational efficiency through <i>cloud</i> potential.


Fortica helps you define and implement a <i>cloud</i> cybersecurity strategy that meets both your regulatory requirements and your clients requirements, and that is aligned with your information security risks. This allows you to focus fully on your business development, business optimization, innovation and digital transformation through the full potential of the <i>cloud</i> while limiting your exposure to cyber threats. Leader in the field, we offer complete solutions adapted to your business reality. Enter the Fortica era!


‘’Our motivation is to see the business development of our clients made possible by our approach about the cloud cybersecurity.’’

Samuel Bonneau

Security of your cloud 

Are you worried by the security of your <i>cloud</i>?

Whether you are planning a migration project or have already migrated critical services to the cloud, we can help you implement a cybersecurity strategy designed to your context.

Evaluate your security posture by experts who will take into account your business context. Fortica is here to protect your assets and comply with legal and contractual obligations!

Online services 

Are your online services critical for your business?

We offer made-to-measure strategies to protect your services that are exposed to threats. No matter the size of your business and your industry, we have the right solution for your business needs.

Establish your most relevant security standards according to your regulatory obligations and your risk appetence.


Gain secure access from everywhere to your information systems and data.

We create security strategies to allow your employees to work from home or on the move as if they were working from their office.

Let yourself be guided by experts in the implementation of security adapted to mobility.

Fortica Cloud Shield, your continuous cloud cybersecurity protection

The continuity of your business
A constant presence
Ultimate protection

The continuity of your business

Give yourself peace of mind and leave us the responsibility for your cloud cybersecurity while you can focus on your business.


Does your use of the cloud create cybersecurity issues? Let us set up the protection that meets the cybersecurity requirements of your clients and ensures the regulatory compliance.

A constant presence

Fortica Cloud Shield provides you with the continuous protection of your cloud. It adapts to evolving threats and is there to meet your cloud cybersecurity challenges at all stages of your cloud initiatives.

Ultimate protection

Be protected by Fortica cloud cybersecurity experts and the Fortica Cloud Shield to enjoy the best practices in the industry!

Move to a new era in cybersecurity

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