June 6 2019

In partnership with Hitachi Systems Security, Fortica is entering into an Azure and Office 365 contract for an insurance company in the Caribbean


Security tip

Never incorporate personal information:

- date of birth,
- social insurance number
- first name of your children,

and your passwords and usernames.

An insurance company in the Caribbean has called on Fortica’s expertise to support them in their digital transformation and transition to the cloud.

The company has a dual objective in adopting the cloud environment: to innovate to remain competitive and improve its operational efficiency by adapting its communication channels to customers and sales forces.

After an initial experiment in the cloud, the Caribbean insurance company asked Fortica to audit its security posture and advise it on the governance, architecture, and configuration of security measures.

Fortica President Samuel Bonneau underscored his interest in such a project:

“We are fortunate to participate in the digital transformation of a Caribbean insurance company’s information systems by ensuring that controls are in place to safeguard the security of customer data.”

Following the audit, Fortica proposed a security improvement plan adapted to their specific risk levels.

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