May 30 2019

Fortica carries out the largest cloud cybersecurity project in the Gouvernement du Québec with a hybrid Azure and Azure Stack deployment


Security tip

Never incorporate personal information:

- date of birth,
- social insurance number
- first name of your children,

and your passwords and usernames.

Last February, the government announced that 80% of government data centres would be migrated to the public cloud to address the obsolescence and non-compliance of some of its data centres and information systems.

Having met the government’s stringent security standards, Fortica established itself as a preferred partner to support government entities in an Azure and Azure Stack hybrid deployment.

Part of the digital information will be sent to the Azure public cloud while another part will remain on-site in an Azure Stack.

The challenge is significant because it involves major changes within government teams, both in terms of architectural designs and practices and in the organization of work and day-to-day security operations. This project therefore required a trustworthy, experienced partner who could support the staff at each stage of the project.

Fortica advises government teams from start to finish—from preparing the business file to transitioning to operation.

We are proud to be able to deploy a team of Azure Cloud experts to complete the cloud files undergirding this important digital transformation, namely, architecture, governance, implementation, and the transition to operation,” said Samuel Bonneau, Fortica President.

It is the largest cloud project in the government and will require Fortica’s expertise for eighteen months.

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