June 12 2019

Fortica secures an Azure Multicloud environment, AWS and Office365 for a major Fintech in 5 countries.


Security tip

Never incorporate personal information:

- date of birth,
- social insurance number
- first name of your children,

and your passwords and usernames.

A major publisher, provider of numerous banks and insurance companies in five countries around the world, wanted to enhance the security of its applications and hosting services to meet the needs of its clients.

This mission has been assigned to Fortica who secures an Azure, AWS and Office 365 multi-cloud environment, using the latest cloud-based advancements such as a microservice architecture, the use of application containers, and identity federation technologies.

"We have the opportunity to protect the complex cloud environments of our customer who hosts multiple SaaS applications that contain data to protect and high standards of compliance to meet”, said Samuel Bonneau, president of Fortica.

This is a long-term support in which Fortica’s role will be to define security policies and standards and the implementation of measures in a complex and demanding environment.


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