October 6 2019

Samuel Bonneau presents Fortica Cloud Shield at Atelier In-Sec-M


Security tip

Never incorporate personal information:

- date of birth,
- social insurance number
- first name of your children,

and your passwords and usernames.

Fortica was among the speakers at the In-Sec-M Workshop held in Montréal on October 4, 2019, on the topic of cyber resilience in the financial sector.

A number of Quebec cybersecurity companies were able to present their services and solutions to address the specific cybersecurity concerns related to the financial sector.

Fortica President Samuel Bonneau explained the McAfee report’s finding that “99% of incidents due to misconfiguration in public cloud environments go unnoticed, exposing companies to data loss.”

In fact, you should know that cloud cybersecurity is not set up by default. There are more than twenty-five types of controls to evaluate and deploy if necessary, and each cloud provider has its own solutions and settings.

Samuel Bonneau presented the advantages of the Fortica Cloud Shield, a product developed by Fortica that continuously checks the integrity of the company’s cloud infrastructure configurations, meeting the specific needs of the demanding finance industry and its stringent regulations.

In addition, Fortica offers a 360-degree approach:


Fortica selects cloud providers and solutions, and then designs their overall architecture and identifies the necessary features.


Fortica implements and configures security and integrates defined systems.


Fortica ensures that best practices, internal standards, legal, and contractual obligations are properly heeded.


The Fortica Cloud Shield maintains configurations and the security level, fixes vulnerabilities, and monitors the security roadmap. It also monitors malicious activities.


That means you can count on the Fortica Cloud Shield being a product that meets the financial sector’s cyber resilience challenges by ensuring that cloud environments are protected.

To go further, Fortica and its partner, Hitachi Systems Security Inc., have joined forces to offer tailored security and privacy protection in the cloud with their Security and Privacy by Design service.

In addition to making the cloud reliable and secure, the personal data of customers in the financial sector is also protected.

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